We all want to improve and thus we have to continue to learn, practice and take actions. Below are steps that I do to help in my self development:

1. Read or Listen to books. What is the skill you are looking to achieve? Find the book and read or listen to how others may have accomplished this skill.

2.Reflect at the end of each day. Journal your day and reflect on the actions taken to achieve your goal or skill you want to accomplish. How did you do? What were the obstacles?

3. Create a daily regimen. It is your daily habits that will bring change to those things you want to change. Don’t just talk about it – find those daily atomic habits and do them.

4. Be honest with yourself. It is easy to buy the book and say ” I am working on changing my mindset” but if you do not actually do the work nothing will change. Be honest with yourself.

5. Accountability Partner. Spend time with others that are working on the same things you are. You will find that you will grow together. You may also find a mentor who can help and push you along the way.

Change is not easy but it is not impossible. I always say : We are Stronger Together.