The average calorie intake on Thanksgiving is 5,000 Calories! When I read this it blew my mind but I can see how this is easily done with all the all the appetizers, main dishes, desserts and drinks.  So How can we enjoy the Holidays without derailing our health and fitness goals?


First – enjoy the Holidays and remember the Holidays are about family and friends.  Yes you can enjoy all the delicious food without over indulging.  Here are some tips:


1. Reduce other meals throughout the day to compensate

One method is to “ save” your calories for the larger meals. If you do this I still recommend a lean protein and healthy carb in the morning to make you feel full and satisfied and to provide you a good source of energy. My morning routine would be a Shakeology with frozen cauliflower and a half a banana but other options would be a slice of sprouted bread with nut butter and a fruit, or a Greek plain yogurt with fresh fruit. . And Drink Water, lots of water!


2. Use a smaller plate to keep portions smaller

This trick helps food look bigger than it actually is.  Choose a little bit of this and a little bit of that and choose a variety of food that you don’t normally cook other than holidays so you do not feel deprived.


3. Stay Hydrated


Keep your water bottle handy.  Aim to drink 16 ounces of water before every meal. This will help fill you up and sometimes thirst disguises as hunger.  Water is especially helpful if you will be drinking alcohol.  Drink water in between each cocktail, glass of wine or beer.  Remember alcohol adds calories quick and it also increases your snack cravings by lowering inhibition and discipline.


4. Stay away from the Buffet Table


Instead of surrounding the buffet table while conversing, move the conversation to another room. This will help eliminate the mindless eating that happens when you stand in front of the appetizers!


5. Move


Go for a walk or help with the dishes.  Go outside and play some ball this will help release some of the consumed energy!


6. Enjoy the Holiday


It is okay to enjoy your favorite desert etc in moderation.  Holidays are just a few days a year so do not put a lot of stress on yourself. You can still succeed with your nutrition goals by getting on track the next day.  Choose healthier options when possible and you will be okay, I promise.