The Certified Nutrition Coach acts as mentor to the general population. The CNC  help clients  create positive changes to  behavior  to include healthy eating patterns and  healthy mindset.  They will provide guidelines in regard to calories in and calories, they will provide guidelines on the macro nutrients percentages and  they will educate  and  empower clients to take responsibility for their own health

The nutrition coach is NOT a registered Dietitian and thus the scope of practice is not the same. It is important for you to understand the scope of practice of your certified nutrition coach.

When you meet with your coach you will discuss your current eating habits and  your current mindset around food. You may be asked to journal a typical weekday and weekend of  eating.  You will discuss goals and create a SMART plan on how to achieve those goals.  The most important aspect, in my opinion, in working with a coach, is that your coach will help you create new healthy habits with a positive mindset.  The approach is not that of a diet of restrictions but a lifestyle change.  It is the approach of creating healthy habits, understanding how various food affect you, and  understanding triggers that affect mindless eating.

Your Nutrition Coach is YOUR mentor and your supporter as you navigate this journey.