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Perfect Fit Health and Fitness is pleased to provide

Personal Training by highly qualified professionals. 

Patricia McIntyre

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

We are a small private studio that aims to cater to our diverse clientele. Fitness is for everyone yet we understand that every style of workout is not. We offer personal training and classes to both men and women and encourage friends and family to team up together for private classes or studio hours. Not sure where to begin? We are happy to set up a free consultation and help you to customize a fitness program that will fit your lifestyle and current needs!

Fran Martelle

Certified personal trainer

Fran is an exercise fanatic, a surfer, and a musician. She has a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and her experience is wide-ranging from a swim coach, a surf instructor, and a chiropractic assistant. The joy she receives when witnessing someone achieve a goal is the spark for her! She enjoys keeping her training sessions fun and motivating, geared towards the individual needs of each client – whether that be building strength to move at ease in the home/work environment, training for a half marathon, or anywhere in-between! She believes passionately that our bodies are a gift, that they’re our vessels that take us through life to experience life fully and joyfully. Her hope is to help you feel empowered through this process via exercise.

Join Fran on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for Strength and Conditioning small group classes. Also join for Fran personal training every Monday and Wednesday between 7 AM and Noon! Call for additional availability! 

Jared Hughes

Certified personal trainer

“Nobody cares how much you know until you show much you care” 

In my heart and soul, I believe Exercise is Medicine! What I specialize in first and foremost is helping my clients build a healthy and enjoyable relationship with exercise and educating why NOW is the day to commit towards a healthy lifestyle. The majority of my experience is working with clients who want to lose weight or who want to feel good in their own bodies again. I have experience training with a range of ages and populations from weight loss to musculoskeletal injuries. I also have a passion for strength training and gaining muscle. As a trainer, there is nothing more enjoyable than watching my clients achieve their fitness goals! Let’s begin your fitness journey today!

Jared has a diploma in Personal Fitness Training from Remington College in Tampa, Florida.  He enjoys hiking, running and reading on the beach.

AVAILABLE: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday between 3PM- 6PM.  Please call for additional availability.