Have you thought about working with a personal trainer but unsure what the experience will be like?

First, working with a personal trainer is for everyone no matter what your fitness level may be. The Personal Trainer is educated to assure you perform each exercise with proper form to avoid injury. The Trainer will create a program specific to your needs and goals, and more importantly the Personal Trainer will provide support, motivation, and accountability.

You signed up for Personal Training Sessions. Now what?


1. Filling out Forms

The first thing you will do is to fill out a few forms especially the Physical Activity Readiness Form ( PAR-Q). This form consists of questions to assure you are physically ready to exercise safely.

2. Discuss Goals

Next you and your trainer or assessor will discuss your goals, as well as current or past obstacles.  This discussion results in a  program that is safe , effective, and helps you meet your goals.

3. Fitness Assessment

The fitness assessment is a critical part of establishing your personal training program. The assessment is not difficult and allows the trainer to assess how your body moves and your current fitness level. You will be asked to do an overhead Squat as well as the YMCA 3 Minute step test. Other assessments may include a push/pull assessment using the cable machine, a plank hold, push-ups etc.

4. Training Program

After Completing your assessment, the trainer will take the results and  create your program.  Your program will include stabilization, flexibility, strength, endurance, and power exercises  (if applicable). The integrated training approach is based on progressions.  These progressions focus on correcting and strengthening muscle imbalances while also focusing on each client’s goals.

When you arrive to your scheduled session you will do a warm-up, work out and finish with a cool down which consists of proper stretching.

Now that you know what to expect from your personal fitness training, request your free 30 -minute assessment and let’s work together in achieving your health and fitness goals. Perfect Fit Health and Fitness is YOUR personal fitness studio. We are here to guide, educate, motivate and support you on this incredible journey.