There are so many articles out there on how to get fit, how to lose weight quickly, that no wonder we all start and stop our journey! The fad diets are just that- -FAD diets – low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, take this pill, drink this shake. It all gets so confusing!

My tips for getting fit and healthy are simple. My approach is that this has to be a lifestyle and not something you will do for 14 days or 30 days. The way you live your life now will pave the way for how you live your life 15- 30 years from now. For me – I want to live my life with a lot of activity and adventure and without pills and doctor visits. Thus, I choose to invest in my health now and not invest in pills later for something that could have been preventable!

My Three tips:

1. Find an activity (or activities) that work for you. Incorporate strength, cardio, flexibility into your routines. Do you like to attend group fitness classes for the accountability or do you like to go to the gym or workout at home? Maybe you like to do both group fitness and workout from home. I do both. I love to wake up and work out in the comfort of my home but I also love the support and community of group fitness. Do what works for you and be consistent!

2. Know your Why. You need to know that you are worth it. You are worth investing in you. Many of us care for everyone else and forget that we are just as important. So make time for you and clearly define WHY you want to be healthy and fit. Do you want to lower blood pressure?; does diabetes run in the family?; do you want to be able to run around with your kids or grandchildren?; do you want to stay active as you age? Whatever it is, find your why- write it down and look at it every day!

3. Join a challenge group or a community for support and inspiration. Find people who lift you up and encourage you, and talk to them on both the good and bad days. It is true we are stronger together.

Let me help you get started or stay on your fitness journey. Message me today and let’s do this together!